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socat version 2

socat version 2 is currently under development. Its main enhancement are so called address chains that concatenate simple addresses. Address chains are similar to command shell pipes, but they work bidirectionally.

Here is a simple example that drives OpenSSL via SCTP/IPv6:

socat - 'OPENSSL,verify=0 |'

A more complex example connects with TCP to an HTTP proxy server on port 8080, requests a connection to, then drives OpenSSL over the proxy to the home server (where a socks server is prepared), and requests a socks connection to some target server:

socat - '|OPENSSL-CLIENT,cafile=./server.crt||

Documentation: man page in the package; address chain mini howto; integration of external programs; a less detailled introduction to the new features can be found in the Linuxwochen presentation starting with slide 39.

Currently socat version 2 is in beta state. socat 2.0.0-b1 was branched off socat; 2.0.0-b2 is a merge of 2.0.0-b1 and, that means it is directly derived from 2.0.0-b1 but contains all bug fixes and features that have been introduced with versions and
2.0.0-b3 is a merge of 2.0.0-b2 and

Beta development state currently means: has not been compiled on a system other than Linux; no systematic tests beyond executing the script have been performed; documentation is incomplete. Bugs that occur during beta development but have not been present in version 1 will be fixed without notice. More significant changes might be performed before the stable release.

Download: socat-2.0.0-b8.tar.gz, socat-2.0.0-b8.tar.bz2