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SCTP feature


Jonathan Brannan provided a patch that adds simple SCTP support to socat 2.0.0-b1

Message of the contributor

I started working on a sctp extention. This is just the most basic form of sctp, which uses SOCK_STREAM.

getaddrinfo does not like the SCTP type, so I had to recompile it without WITH_GETADDRINFO to make it work.

I also fixed a bunch of warnings from gcc (for 64bit, so they might complain on 32 bit, not sure). Most of them were just casting issues. I had to increase the size of groups to create the GROUP_SCTP , I went with an unsigned long long (which I guess might not compile on all compilers). I don't think I did the help part that should display "SCTP" correctly.

Hopefully I'll find time to work in SOCK_SEQPACKET along with the other fancy features of sctp (once I figure out some of the argument stuff).


The original patch is in socat-sctp.patch


Apply this patch to socat 2.0.0-b1 source.


SCTP support is planned to be added to the next feature release following socat