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Mac OS X port


It is reported that new socat versions do not build on new Mac OS X versions. Camillo Lugaresi provided a patch that makes socat compile and run on Mac OS X 10.4.

Message of the contributor


this patch allows socat to build cleanly on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. (10.5 might require some more tweaks, but I haven't upgraded yet, so I don't know.) The current source fails to build due to configure errors: the patch fixes them, and also addresses some warnings that were not specific to OS X.

The scan for libreadline is made more compact and, I believe, more reliable. The previous code failed to detect some unusable installations, and could mix up includes and libraries from different installations.

It was previously not possible to make and install cleanly from a separate build directory (eg "mkdir build && cd build && ../configure && make"); this is fixed too.

Partial Darwin support is added to

add this acinclude.m4 file to the same directory as, then run aclocal (which generates aclocal.m4 from acinclude.m4), and finally autoconf (which uses the generated aclocal.m4). That should fix it. I suggest including both files in the source distribution: aclocal.m4 so people can run autoconf 2.59 directly, and acinclude.m4 in case anyone wants to run aclocal again.

Let me know if there are any other problems. I'll try to upgrade to 10.5 soon and I'll make a new patch if it turns out to be needed.


The original patch is in socat-

The acinclude.m4 file is probably also required.


Apply this patch to socat source.

You need to make a full build cycle afterwards:

make scmclean; autoconf && ./configure && make


Mac OS X support is intended to be included with the release following socat